Exclusive interview with Robert Catrini

Greetings to everyone in cyber world.We are very pleased and honored to bring you this exclusive interview from Heat Celeb News(HCN).He’s one of the cast members of the upcoming movie “Jack Reacher 2” set to release Oct 2016.He has appeared on a variety of Tv shows and movies throughout his career..Who is he?? Lets find out! This is his interview….

HCN- Hello my friend,thank you for taking this time to do this interview with me.What is your name and where are you from?


RC-Robert Catrini. Born and raised in Brooklyn, NY.


HCN-At what point  in your life that you realized that you wanted to be an actor?


RC-I realized it in my teens. Right about after turning 17, if I remember correctly, I went to the Brooklyn Public Library and read Stanislavski’s AN ACTOR PREPARES, and it made an impact on me. After that I read his book BUILDING A CHARACTER.  I even remember going to The Actors Studio and standing outside, wondering what it was like inside and if I might even have what it takes to go through with these thoughts running through my head.

I didn’t know about the admission process and automatically figured, like any other ‘school’ the tuition was going to be something we couldn’t afford, because my Dad died when I was 10 and I was the oldest of 4 boys, which meant my Mom had her hands FULL. So…there was NO money to go around at all. My High School education at St. Francis Prep in Brooklyn was paid for by my Mom’s sisters, my Aunt Margaret and Aunt Eileen. We had NO money. So… pursuing a career in acting…studying at a school for that craft…I let it go. I never looked into The Actors Studio admission process.

Also, I never, ever mentioned this to anyone. Not my Mom, brothers, friends, no one. A band I played in at that time, THREE’S A CROWD (fashioned after CREAM) had a gig in The Bronx. During a set break, I asked my girlfriend how she’d feel about moving to Los Angeles so I could pursue acting. She was adamant. No way. Not gonna happen. I let it go. But it ate away at me. Constantly. The first human being I ever mentioned it to shot me down big time without even giving it reasonable thought. Later that year we parted ways.

Then I met Peg.

Cut to many years later. 1993. Peg and I had been together since ’78 (15 years to that date) and I’d never even hinted at what I’d considered all those years ago.

We moved to South Florida in 1987. Opened a delicatessen in Palm Beach County. One night, in 1993, we went to a late night movie. A Steven Seagal flick, OUT FOR JUSTICE. It was playing in one of those small, local discount movie theaters. I think it was $1 to get in. It was the only thing open by the time we closed the deli that night, so we went.

As it starts to roll, a name pops up on the screen. A stand-up comic I remembered from seeing his routines upstate NY in the Catskills and in the Bronx at different clubs. And as soon as I see that name, my mind starts racing, thinking it can’t be the same guy! How could he be in a MOVIE?! And I blurt his name out…out LOUD! People in the theater looked at me like I was crazy. I said it out LOUD. After the movie, we’re outside and Peg says “What was THAT about?” And I said “What would you say if I decided to change careers. Become an actor.” My unbelievable, incredible wife didn’t even blink an eye. She took in what I’d just said…pondered it for about 5 SECONDS…NO LONGER THAN THAT….and said “I think you’d be great! What would we have to do?”

I knew I’d have to train. The next day, in the deli, we had a girl working for us, Theresa. Now, Theresa was a bona fide ‘hippie.’ Almost straight-outta-Haight-Ashbury. I figured if ANYone knew anyone else in the area of dramatic arts study…it would definitely be Theresa. She said “Absolutely, boss. I’ll ask my brother. He knows everyone.”  About 10 days later she hands me a paper with the name ‘Gilda Pianelli’ on it. The University Center for the Performing Arts” near Ft. Lauderdale.

I call. Get an appointment to ‘audit’ a class. I found out that meant ‘free.’

I go down.  A theater; wide, deep stage; seats about 70? Five females , sitting, waiting. And me. In walks this short Bohemian-like, beret-wearing, straight-outta-Greenwich Village dynamo, Gilda Pianelli. Smiling, she says “Hi, I’m Gigi. Who are you?” I tell her “I’m Bob. I own a delicatessen. I’m here to audit a class.” Because I have NO idea what to expect. She says “OK, everybody up on stage. Let’s do some warm up before we get into technique.” I sit down, Gilda sits up a few rows in the audience and says “Bob…up on stage!” I say “I’m just……auditing.” She says “Get up there. Go through the paces with us.” So I did.

An hour later she starts the exercise for that night. Coffin monologue, to ‘Mary had a little lamb.” I get onstage. She’s asking me questions. She pushed buttons. Within one minute she pushed the right buttons and I started to cry like a baby. And she said “Scene”…and I started reciting Mary had a little lamb…while seeing, in my mind’s eye, a relative lying in a casket in front of me. It was an exercise to show the relationship…and in many cases…the non-relationship of words, sometimes random words, to actual feelings in a scene. I’m reciting words that had no bearing whatsoever on what was actually happening in the scene.

Class over. She comes to me and says. “If you give this up, you’re a FOOL. What took you so long in your life to come to this?”

I started studying twice a week.

A year later, she recommended I audition for a play. TAMING OF THE SHREW. (Another incredible, AMAZING story in and of itself) I bought Michael Shurtleff’s AUDITION. Learned the terminology, what to expect, sign-in sheets, callbacks, etc.

I got the role. Petruchio.

12 leads in stage plays later, she told me I needed to audition for commercials.

I did. People started hiring me. Non-union stuff. But they hired me.

I started doing extra work…not a lot…just to learn movie set etiquette. What to do. Terminology. Who did what. Most of the time when extras were corralled back to the holding area, they let me stand in Video Village behind the director’s chair and I learned a LOT about why shots were set up this way and who should be doing what, etc. I was an extra on the first BAD BOYS. Miami. Michael Bay directing. Most of my time whenever I was on set, I stood behind Bay and listened to the direction he was giving. He’s a wild man, but I learned a LOT. No one asked me to go back to the holding area where the other ‘extras’ were all bitching and moaning about the long hours. I stayed focused, quiet, ears open. I learned. Personally, I think they saw that and figured this guy’s quiet, looks like he’s seriously interested and he’s not being a nuisance and not bitching about when he’s going to have lunch. So they let me stand there and listen.

After 2 years training with Gilda, she asked me to stay after class one night. She had to talk to me. I stayed. We sat down…she said “Bob, I’m throwing you out of my class.”

WHAT??? WHY??? Did I do something wrong???

She said (not verbatim, but pretty damn close) …

”You see (student name) out there? You see (student name) out there? What do you think about them?”


I said I thought they were pretty good actors.

She said “Yeah. They are. They’re GOOD…but they’ve been studying here for years. And they’re afraid to do anything with what they’re learning. They’re afraid to take a shot. In all my years here…I can tell you that YOU have an AMAZING shot at a full time acting career. But first, you have to leave here. I don’t want you using this school, this class, me, as a security blanket. and by doing that becoming more afraid every day to go out on your own.

In Hollywood.You have to go to California. As much as I HATE saying this, I don’t want you back here. I’m kicking you out. Go. And make me proud.”

I was crying like a baby. We both were.

That was my last night there. I never went back.

I went to New York first. Slept on my Mother’s living room floor. Because, from a business perspective, I did NOT want to go to LA without LAW & ORDER on my resume.

We sold our deli for 25% of what it was worth so I could begin immediately pursuing my SAG card. I got it within 8 months. Peg got a job at a Women’s Health Care center in Boynton Beach, and stayed there while I went to NY to try and book L&O. It took 13 months to get in to read. I booked it on the first read. (another pretty amazing story). That same week I booked COSBY.

I left NY, went to South Florida for 2 months R&R, then drove cross-country to LA, renting a room in a condo. Me, my pick-up and a suitcase. Nothing else.

My agent at that time started using the marketing that I knew she’d need to get me in doors. “Just booked LAW & ORDER and COSBY…is NOT out here just for pilot season…he MOVED here…etc.”

She started getting me in. I started booking. Haven’t stopped. A ton of Guest Star roles later…many indie films later…and then I booked Paramount/Skydance G.I. JOE: RETALIATION in 2011, playing the Israeli President. I kept booking TV and more indies.

But back in 1998, Peg stayed on the east coast for another 5 years because of her job, family issues, father’s health, etc. We saw each other once a year for 5 years.

My mother went crazy. I took a lot of flack.

But because of Peg’s belief in me…in my abilities…we made it work. Some people thought we were completely nuts. But we made it work. Peg moved here in 2003.

And it’s because of HER support in this unbelievable, crazy journey that we are where we are right now.

I make no bones about the fact that everything I accomplish in my craft, I owe to my mentor, Gilda Pianelli (who remains my mentor to this day).

But everything I’ve accomplished professionally…career-wise…I owe to Peg. Whenever anyone says ANYTHING nice to me…pays me ANY compliment…ANY accolades…it’s because of Peg. We’ve been together 38 years now, and in my entire LIFE I’ve never known ANYone else who would have said (as she did, in tears the day I pulled out of the driveway in South Florida)….”Go. Get the career going. Do what you have to. We’ll figure out the rest as we go.”

I remember that exact day. It was Peg’s BIRTHDAY, Sept. 29, 1998. She stood in the driveway crying, big time, as I pulled out and left for LA. And all she would have had to say was “No. You’re not going”…and I wouldn’t have.

But she said “Go”…and here we are today.


HCN- You have been in movies like G.I. Joe Retaliation,Devils Land,Carman just to name a few,which would you say is your favorite movie?


RC-My favorite so far would have to be JACK REACHER. It’s the biggest role I’ve had so far in a studio film, and just thinking about what happened on set while filming…the compliments we were paid…the gracious way Peg was treated…what Tom said, what Don Granger said, what Ed said…as a whole…just a terrific experience that we’ll never forget. I look forward to more.




HCN- Your latest upcoming movie starring Tom Cruise that you will be in is set to release Sept.or Oct.2016 called “JACK REACHER 2” Can you give us a little info on the character that you play?


RC-I play Army JAG Col. Moorcroft. Jack Reacher seeks me out to get info on how I’m going to defend my client (Cobie Smulders). We butt heads a bit. We’re not too crazy about each other. And anything else would be a….spoiler.


HCN- How was it working with Tom Cruise and how did you guys meet?

RC-The process started in August. I was put on tape. A few weeks later I get a call “Would you like to fly to New Orleans to meet Ed Zwick?” (like I really had to give this one much thought)

I fly. I prepare. Next day, I meet Ed. He’s warm in his reception of me.  He begins going over my resume VERY closely. Literally about 9 inches from his face. REALLY reading it. Reading EVERYTHING. Scanning the Directors column, etc.

We do a few scenes. He’s pleased. He likes it. He gives a re-direct on one scene. 21 years solid experience tells me he just wants to see if I can actually TAKE direction.

I leave. I feel it’s gone very well.

A week later I get a call. I’m flying to New Orleans to meet Tom. Thursday afternoon, limo picks me up at my house up in Santa Clarita at 4pm. Straight to LAX. I land in New Orleans about 11. Limo to the Hyatt Regency by midnight. 7 hours sleep.

Next morning, I check out; limo pick-up at The Hyatt to bring me to The Westin on Canal St., a hotel I knew VERY well because we all stayed there in 2011 shooting GI JOE. I walk into the ballroom. Tables set up in a MASSIVE square arrangement. Table read. Each side of the table seats about…12…14 people. 4 sides. Excellent breakfast buffet set up. Tons of people there. Ed Zwick comes around from the far end, shakes my hand and greets me VERY warmly. Says some very nice things about what I did when I met him in NoLa recently. There’s probably…60? people in the ballroom. Paramount execs. Skydance execs. Marshall Herskovitz, Ed’s writing/producing partner for the past…40? Years. Don Granger, Tom’s Skydance producing partner for this project. Casting. Aides. AND, of course, the incredible scribe Lee Childs, without whom there would BE no Jack Reacher. The atmosphere is amazingly upbeat. Big time. Tom arrives. Shakes a few hands. All smiles. We all sit. Ed makes some gracious comments. We all introduce ourselves around the room, as is normal at any table read. Ed says “Let’s begin.” But Tom stands and says “I’d like to just say a few words, if it’s OK.”



For the next 4…5 minutes, Tom gave one of the most inspirational speeches I could have imagined. I only WISH it had been recorded. He was SO incredibly, genuinely HAPPY that every single person in that room came together to begin the JACK REACHER: NEVER GO BACK journey. I was tremendously moved by his words. It was real. It was genuine. They were the words of an artist who has exemplified the notion of ‘professionalism’ in film for the past 35? Years. It was an AMAZING speech. He was SO happy we were all there.

The read begins. I’m sitting next to Patrick Heusinger to my left.  2 seats to HIS left is Tom, with Cobie Smulders to Tom’s left. I bring my ‘A’ game to the read. I didn’t hold back. I brought it.

The read ends. Everyone’s very happy. It went well. Tom shakes my hand and says “We’re gonna have fun.”

I’m already checked out of The Hyatt, so limo from the Westin straight to production for wardrobe fitting. 2 hours there, then limo back to Louis Armstrong Airport and straight back to LA. Limo gets me home about 10pm.

Left Home Thursday at 4pm. Got back home Friday at 10pm. A whirlwind of a day.


RC-Working with Tom:

We met on set at Lafayette Square to shoot our first scene together. It’s just Tom and me the first half of the day. I introduce myself “Hi, I’m Rob Catrini.” He says (big smile) “I know!” We start to rehearse. The scene is a walking/talking scene, so hitting your marks while delivering dialogue can be tricky, especially when there are 4 or more cameras shooting at once. Ed shot from many different angles, including one up high on an office building, mounted several hundred feet above the park.

So…you’re walking, talking…but while you’re in character delivering lines, hitting specific marks…taking the exact same route, meaning re-tracing your exact steps for each take, becomes very important. Because, in this instance there are SEVERAL cameras rolling and you have to respect the location of each as you’re walking and talking. I don’t think there are any schools that actually teach that. I think it just comes with years of experience. And THAT’S only if you’ve ever SHOT scenes like that in the past. Fortunately, I have. So while THAT technical aspect wasn’t really a major issue for me, the only thing I was really concentrating on was the particular pace that the director uses on his set. In this case, I now know how Ed works. What his pacing is like. What he likes. How rapidly he fills in the gaps.

In between takes, I took Tom over to meet my beloved Peg. He was SO GRACIOUS!! Could NOT have been nicer! He stood with us for…probably 20 or so minutes, just talking about his life. We compared a few notes. We talked about his stunts. He was MORE than open about what he does, what’s in the future, etc. He just could not have been nicer.

Here’s a cute story:

Back in early November, 2015:

The Unit Publicist, introduces herself to us, Peg and I. In conversation, she mentions that we have control over the entire Lafayette Square, which is one entire square city block. All 4 corners, literally square-shaped. However, across the streets…all those paparazzi…we have no control over them, so…don’t be surprised if we see our photos on the web very soon.

We continue to shoot. After a ‘cut’ and in between camera re-sets, Tom comes over to me and says “Bob, I’m having a private screening tonight. SPECTRE. I rented a theater. I’d love for you and Peg to come.”

Now, being the simple kid from the slums in Brooklyn, I’m thinking he must be talking to someone else, and I say “Really? Us???” He hits me with that famous Cruise smile and says “Yes. REALLY! You’ll be here shooting another scene this afternoon but I’ll have my office call and give you time and location. You’ll be off in plenty of time to change and get to the theater.”

I’m thinking “This is pretty cool!”

I say “Would you…….by any chance….is it possible…you might….go over and tell Peg that yourself???”

I think he understood completely!  The Cruise smile: “Absolutely.”

We walk over, he tells Peg. She says “REALLY??” He smiles, says “YES! I’d love for you both to come.”

Now….those paparazzi I was talking about earlier? They’re snapping away.

The next time I’m on set, Cid Swank, the Unit Publicist comes to us and says “Did you see your pics on the web?”

Huh? No, we didn’t!

She flips screens on her iPad, comes to a publication out of the UK, and there are 3 photos of us. 2 of Tom and I walking, doing the scene.

And the third photo…shot from across the street, BEHIND Peg, shows Tom’s hand on Peg’s left shoulder, the famous Cruise smile…and that’s the EXACT moment he looked at Peg and said “YES! I’d love for you both to come.”

Displaying Peg and Tom Cruise on set of JACK REACHER.jpgDisplaying Peg and Tom Cruise on set of JACK REACHER.jpg15f3212a-c5a1-4b26-8745-fab682915727 (1)Displaying Peg and Tom Cruise on set of JACK REACHER.jpg

The odds on snapping THAT shot…then deciding to load THAT shot online? Incalculable.

Go to my FB page and THAT’s the small shot you’ll see on the mast head. The larger one is the other paparazzi shot in the park that day.

Tom left the park about 1. I had another scene to shoot which would take 4 or 5 hours. Very heavy scene. Emotional.

At the screening that night, only about 20 people there. Don Granger came across the aisle, introduced himself to Peg and was very complimentary about the day’s shooting. Tom arrives, shakes my hand and says  “I heard really good things.”

And then we watched a movie.

It was my first day on that set. And it could not have turned out any better than it did.



HCN- Right on, I watched the trailer earlier this week and was like I gotta see this movie..Is it hard for you to get into character when its time to perform?

RC-Getting into character:

It depends. On the character. I’m essentially an east coast method actor, so there’s a particular process I go through mentally prior to every scene. It also depends on the level of emotion I think that scene requires of me. In this case, after Tom left that first day, about 1PM, my second scene was next. So…I did what I personally felt I WANTED to do in that scene. I had very specific ideas where I wanted Col. Moorcroft’s thoughts to be in that scene.  Ed Zwick, literally gave me NO direction before we shot. I mean, blocking the scene, sure. Move a little to the right, etc. But CHARACTER-wise. Ed said nothing to me. Nada. I went deep. Really deep. I took my place. And refused to move for the 4+ hours it took to shoot the scene. I let them set up all around me. Move the camera, lights, shoot from another angle, etc. But I stayed put. When I do a scene like this I need to stay there. No ‘B’ Team in for me in that situation. Set it up around me. Work around me. I’m staying. I didn’t want to break the frame of mind I was in. Not for anything. I figure it was working because in between takes Ed would come over to me, crouch down and whisper “Are you OK? Do you need anything?” I just nodded. “I’m OK. Whenever you’re ready.”

And that’s all I can really say about that.

All in all, throughout my career (so far, at least) I’ve received hardly any direction. When I do, it’s really minimal at best. And that’s something both Peg and I have noticed over the years. All the Guest Star gigs on network… the director comes in after ‘cut’…(to the series regs) OK, but try this…OK, just move over there when you deliver THAT line…Ok let’s try this… etc.   And I’m waiting for my notes, but they rarely come. If the Director doesn’t say anything to me I have to naturally assume he was happy with what I did.

So, in a way, I’ve always felt I could REALLY read a scene, and BLOCK it,  pretty accurately before we even start to shoot.

When we get to a set, we’re ALWAYS early, because I want to walk the set on which I’ll be performing and, in my own mind, I try to work out the best blocking as I see it might make sense.

CRIMINAL MINDS is one example. We get to set. Production is in the sound stage next door, moving over here next. Peg and I walked the set. She said “What do you think?” I said…”I’m thinking Joe (Mantegna) will sit in this chair. I’m pretty sure of that. I’ll sit here. Shemar (Moore)…two of us sitting…he’ll stand. But…I think he’ll sit on the end of this desk, looking down at me, which won’t block Joe’s eye line either.  Production comes over…director calls for rehearsal…Joe and Shemar walk in. Intros all around, although I’d already Guest Starred with Joe on JOAN OF ARCADIA. They both check out the room. Joe sits exactly where I felt he would. I sit in my chair. And Shemar does exactly what I felt he would do. He sits/leans on the end of the desk, looking down at me.

That’s happened on most of the sets I’ve been on. So, I have no idea how rare that is, or how common that is, but having that ability to logically work out set blocking on my own, and ‘see’ the final result in my mind before we even start camera rolling, and having those observations confirmed by dozens of directors who shot those scenes pretty much the way I’d worked it out before they even got to the set…I definitely want to move into directing projects. I can’t wait to collaborate with a DP and create something incredible.

HCN-You have also worked as a producer?


I participated as a producer on one short. It was a very small ‘taste.’ Nowhere near satisfying enough for me. I want to produce as well. I’m hungry to be more ‘rounded’ in the business. I know what I bring to the table as a performer. But Directing and Producing bigger projects…those are goals I need to satisfy.

I’ve been a photographer pretty much all my life. In fact I still have every Nikon I’ve ever owned. So..I ‘see’ in pictures. Ever book. Every short story. Every script. Sides in an audition. As I read the words I can actually ‘see’ in my mind…on the movie screen in my mind…how I think these scenes should look up there on screen. So, I was to direct. And perform as well.

HCN-What or who has motivated you the most and what keeps you focused and not get side tracked when it comes down to business? 

RC-Motivation:  What drives me?

Two things:

1)   Peg. I love my wife more than I love my own life. This year is the 38th year she’s stood beside me, cheering me on. There is NOTHING I wouldn’t do for her. In fact, she’s SO much a part of my very DNA, when I get great news, like booking a gig…that’s only HALF of the joy for me. I’m not actually COMPLETELY happy until I call Peg and give HER the news. As soon as SHE hears it, THEN I’m completely satisfied. It’s the same thing with being on set. I want Peg there. Shooting GI JOE in New Orleans. The first 2 weeks Peg couldn’t be there. I had to return the following month for one additional week of filming. When I got back to LA I told her “There’s no WAY I’m going back to New Orleans WITHOUT YOU. Period. I can’t stand experiencing all that I’m experiencing without Peg next to me to experience the same phenomenal things I’m enjoying. She has to be there.

2)   Fear of failure. We’ve come way too far in this journey to fail. All the angst we’ve been through. All the sacrifices we’ve agreed to. Living apart for 5 years. Moving across the country, etc. All the ups and downs that Peg has put up with in this crazy career. I can’t tolerate the thought of failing.

HCN- You are a hard working man my friend,where can we find you at online?


I recently learned I could have my own You Tube channel, so I started mounting clips from various projects there. Working now with a good friend to re-vamp the website. Hopefully that’ll be up and running in the next few months.

And Peg and I are ETERNALLY grateful to all the websites and online services, including YOURS, who have mentioned my name in the main cast with each news blast about JACK REACHER:NEVER GO BACK. We need as much PR as we can get over the next few months up to Oct 21 in order to move the career to the next level.

HCN- You’re very welcome my friend.You and your amazing wife deserve it and I have a good feeling this movie will do well at the Box Office….Whats next for you my friend?



Trying to use JR:NGB to open whatever doors we can pry open. It’s a massive, daily effort. Right now my agent has been on maternity leave and will be until mid-July, so…while we’re VERY happy for her, we’re trying to pick up slack wherever WE can to keep the ball rolling during her leave.  I need exposure. A lot of it. I understand a PR firm will charge a couple of thousand a month and up for a minimum 3-month commitment. That’s not possible for us right now to hire a PR firm for the next few months to promote JR:NGB, so….   Doing the best we can with what we’ve got.

Peg’s had a few operations these past few years; both shoulders, rotator cuffs, knee replacement, and another operation planned in a few months. So, even though We’ve been fortunate enough that my SAG insurance has never, ever lapsed in 21+ years, with Peg’s therapy and medical bills, that’s where the money has to go. Still…I do need massive exposure, so we’re trying to figure out how to do that over the next few months on the road to Oct. 21 and beyond.

Lately, I’ve also been making headway to perfect the actual organizational process I have in place to measure my personal marketing efforts more accurately.

Who got that postcard. When did I send it. When are they due next to get the NEW postcard with new career info. Who got that flyer.  Who got THIS flyer. When am I due to send out this flyer to whoever didn’t get it yet, etc. Collating all the info so it’s easily identifiable and easily located.

Things like that. Streamlining a systematic process to let me know at a glance… where my marketing needs to be focused.

And I need a LOT more Twitter followers. And Instagram followers.

Thousands, in fact.  Got that advice from high up.

HCN- Thanks once again for doing this interview and I hope the movie does well when it comes out!! Any last words or shout outs?

RC-Shout out:

In closing, let me just say to my fellow artists…Never give up. Just DON’T.

And, in the event you DFO decide one day to throw in the towel, please don’t publicly knock the rest of us who are still hanging in there working toward success every single day.

Recently an actor I know moved to Detroit. He gave up. He admitted he was giving up. Walking away. Things weren’t moving ‘fast’ enough for him. He said he wasted so many years of his life here, etc.

But when he got to Detroit he decided, in social media, to publicly denounce the rest of us here in “La La Land” who are still in the race and how the people in Los Angeles are so self-absorbed and constantly promoting ourselves, and how he’s so glad he’s out of this terrible city and industry and living with REAL people, etc. Yada, yada, yada,  Obviously sour grapes.  But attacking US…the people who still believe in their dreams, who are catching breaks where we can…NONE of us still here in California deserve to be vilified in that manner. Especially by someone who, in his own words, “Gave up.”

If anyone doesn’t like it here?


Tired of the business?


Miss the east coast so much?


Taking too long for your career to ‘take off?”


But don’t take your frustrations and failures out on those who still believe.

THANK YOU for taking the time to even ASK me these questions!

HCN-RIGHT ON MY FRIEND..Until next time……and thanks to everyone for stopping by to read this interview!! dont forget to checkout JACK REACHER 2 in theaters Oct 21 2016

Interview by :Jmahoney for heatcelebnews.com


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  2. Ruth Hill

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    I love your story Robert Catrini. I’m inspired. HCN, you found a gem of a guy.

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    Bob…you are an inspiration! Love you and your work ethic…love your spirit…love your loyalty and open heart!

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    Exclusive interview with Robert Catrini – Heat Celeb News

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