Vladimir Putin Gets Puppy for His Birthday … Pray for the Puppy!!!

Vladimir Putin

Cute Puppy Pose

Fails for the First Time Ever

10/11/2017 4:12 PM PDT

Vladimir Putin has a new bff — a super adorable puppy, which he’ll probably turn into a vicious killer in no time flat. 

The Russian Prez got the lil’ pooch as a belated birthday gift Wednesday from the president of Turkmenistan — and you gotta see the video of the hand off. Full “Lion King” style.

The Central Asian shepherd pup’s name is Verny — Russian for “loyal” — and even though we’re normally suckers for anyone snuggling with cute puppies … still not enough to overlook alleged human rights atrocities on Putin’s watch.

Nothing personal, Verny — but keep your head on a swivel, dawg!

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