O.J. Simpson Thrown Out of Vegas Cosmopolitan Hotel for Belligerence


O.J. Simpson was booted from the Cosmopolitan Hotel in Las Vegas Wednesday night after allegedly getting wasted and then being extremely unruly.

Simpson had been frequenting bars at the hotel since his release from prison. Hotel staff tells TMZ … at around midnight last night, Simpson was drunk and became disruptive at the Clique bar. We’re told Simpson was angry at hotel staff and glasses broke at the bar.    

Check out the pic below of Simpson strolling through the hotel Wednesday night.

Security showed up and removed Simpson from the hotel. We’re told Simpson was nice to responding security guards. Still, we’re told he’s been permanently banned from the Cosmopolitan. 

We got this Las Vegas police audio recorded just after midnight … you hear the dispatcher say “Orenthal is here.” It appears the dispatcher believed Simpson was at a popular pizza joint in the hotel. The dispatcher then corrected herself and said he was at the bar asking about the pizza place.

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