Helicopter Crash in New York City's East River Leaves at Least Two Dead

Helicopter Crash

Leaves at Least 2 Dead

After Going Down in NYC’s East River

3/11/2018 5:27 PM PDT

Breaking News

6:09 PM PT — At least 2 people are reported dead and 3 are in critical condition out of five that were recovered from the crash, according to officials.A helicopter reportedly full of passengers crashed in New York City’s East River Sunday … but it appears no one was injured for now.  

The chopper is being described by multiple reports as a “tour helicopter” and there’s said to be an unknown number of passengers aboard. Authorities are currently responding.

The moment of impact was captured on video and posted to social, as was the aftermath. The helicopter is said to have flipped upside and was submerged in the water. The FAA called it a  Eurocopter AS350. 

While some people say there was more than one person aboard, other witnesses say only one individual was inside and was able to escape unscathed. The man, who was reportedly rescued, was seen being escorted to an ambulance after being pulled out of the water. 

There are reportedly no reports of injuries at this time, according to authorities. 

Story developing … 

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