Kendrick Lamar Hits Vatican City w/ Fiancee

If you’re gonna thank Jesus for helping you win a Pulitzer prize … might as well do it at the Vatican … like Kendrick Lamar

The rap god hit up the Pope’s house in Vatican City with his fiancee, Whitney Alford … and the SINGLE LARGEST BODYGUARD EVER!!!!

The couple — along with their entourage — checked out all sorts of museums and restaurants in the area while blending in with the rest of the tourists. 

Seriously, check out the pics … no mob scenes, no lines for selfies … just your average world-famous celebrity taking in the sites. 

Kendrick’s notoriously private and, apart from the Grammy red carpet, he and Alford are rarely spotted in public together. 

Fun Fact: Vatican City reportedly has the highest crime rate in the world — lots of pickpockets. 

Good thing Kendrick’s got that GIANT HUMAN MONSTER to watch his back! 

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